Finally subsided the epidemic of Ebola. Liberia

Tue, 03.03.2015 17:11

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ This girl says that the resumption of classes epidemic before it finally stopped, it may seem a bad idea, but it is no longer possible to sit at home doing nothing. It is important to continue to learn.”

Recently, the incidence of Ebola in Liberia decreased 20 times, but the effects of the epidemic's impact, including on school attendance.

“We know that many students in the school will not return, " says the teacher. Over these seven months some of the girls became pregnant, and the boys found a job. And these young people will not return to school”.

Most suffered from the Ebola epidemic Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In Guinea, the classes resumed in January. Sierra Leone is planning to resume their March.

The epidemic of Ebola fever in West Africa began in February 2014 in Guinea and still out of the country and spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Senegal, USA, Spain and Mali.

The case is unique because this epidemic fever began in West Africa for the first time, resulting in doctors in the affected countries do not have experience of dealing with it, and among the population of possible occurrence of panic and spreading misinformation.

Various national and international organizations, including the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the U.S., the European Commission, the CPS, the Economic community of West African countries, allocated funds and staff to assist the Guinean government to tackle the epidemic.

According to Kazi of Fukuda, the who Director-General on security in the field of health, this flash is the strongest of all outbreaks of Ebola in their practiceThe decision to resume practice was adopted two weeks ago, but some rural educational institutions were not ready to accept students.

Now they are all equipped with thermometers and tanks with chlorinated water for washing hands.


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