Erdogan will attend Riyadh on an official visit

Mon, 13.02.2017 11:48

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to arrive in Riyadh on Monday on an official visit within his Gulf tour — Erdogan will tackle regional topics with Saudi leadership and potential ways to enhance bilateral relations

King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa and the Turkish president, lately, held talks and a news conference that highlighted solid Bahraini-Turkish relations.

King Hamad stated that Erdogan’s visit will be a foundation for a strategic partnership as he reiterated Bahrain’s support to the Turkish president and government in the steps taken to serve development and stability in Turkey.

Holding a press conference at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul before leaving for his Gulf tour to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Erdogan said: “We have established genuine cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the last two years. Our relations in political, military, economic and commercial fields have been further deepened. We approach relations with Saudi Arabia from a strategic point of view — We attach great importance to the security and stability in the kingdom.”

“During the meeting with King Salman, we will have a chance to discuss developments in Iraq, Syria, the Gulf and Yemen,” Erdogan added.

He continued, “King Salman’s visit to Turkey last April represented a turning point in all aspects. The Saudi-Turkish Coordination Council, established during this visit, has taken bilateral relations to a whole new level.”

For his part, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Turkey Walid Bin Abdul Karim El Khereiji hailed Saudi-Turkish relations, considering Saudi and Turkey major influential forces in the region.

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Source: aawsat.com

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