Egypt's ambassador to Ukraine visits Taras Shevchenko national University of kyiv

Thu, 27.06.2019 12:41


Hossam Eldeen Ali  the Ambassador of Egypt, visited Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and met with Rectorof university ,prof. Leonid V. Hubersky on 25 of Jun, to discuss existing cooperation with the University. Representatives from both the Embassy and University attended the meeting.

We are  commaning  the role of taras shevchenko University as a leading educational institution in Ukraine and confirmed Egypt’s continued support to the Egyptian Centre. Mr.Ali said                                                   

The ambassoder and  Dr.Hubersky discussed Problems that  faced the Egyptian students at ukrainian university, especially recent crisis at the Donetsk National Medical University in Kirovograd

 noted the cooperation with Egypt in the context of the establishment and operation of the Egyptian Centre for Arab Language and Culture in the Institute of Philology and in related exchanges with the Cairo University. Finally The Ambassador and the Rector agreed expand their cooperation


Source: Ukraine by arabic

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