Cyber police found traders of personal data of Ukrainians

Fri, 26.06.2020 14:32

The Ministry of Digital Information and law enforcement agencies reported on the investigation of the scandal associated with the leak of information allegedly from the portal "Diya".

Recall that last month it became known that unknown persons are selling personal data of Ukrainians in the UA Baza telegram channel. MP Alexander Dubinsky stated that the leak occurred from the Diya portal.

“It seems to me that the information attacks that took place are certain measures to discredit what is generally happening in our country. In relation to the projects that we are developing to create a digital state,” said Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov at briefing on June 25th.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Sergey Goncharov said that over the past month and a half, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has carried out large-scale work involving more than 400 employees of the National Police, Cyber ​​Police and Security Service (SBU). As a result, law enforcement authorities seized copies of about 30 databases of state, banking and commercial institutions. According to him, they contained information about over 20 million individuals and legal entities.

He noted that data leaks did not always occur as a result of hacker attacks. Often the causes of such incidents were negligence or a desire to earn extra money. For example, an administrator made a decision to put up for sale databases that he had access to at work.

Law enforcement officers found the owners of UA BAZA (Official Bot). It was this Telegram resource that provoked the scandal around the Diya portal last month. This was announced by First Deputy Head of the Department of Cyber ​​Police Sergey Kropiva. According to him, personal data was sold there at a price of $ 8-10 thousand.

Source: UBR

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