Conference AUABI 2020 UKRAINIAN-ARAB EXPO was presented in Kyiv

Thu, 13.02.2020 20:52

On January 29, a press conference was held in Kiev on the International Ukrainian-Arab exhibition and conference "AUABI 2020 Ukrainian-arab international expo".

The event was attended by: Mahommad Salim Alotti - Chairman of the Board of the Association of Ukrainian and Arab Businessmen and Investors (AUABI), Volodymyr Stavnyuk - Chairman of the Board of SFII, State Innovative Financial and Credit Institution; Anatoly Kinakh - head of USPP; Maria Makhnovets - Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Organic Cluster; Ivan Saliy - President of the All-Ukrainian Union of Building Materials Manufacturers GS and others.

The first word was given to Salim Alotti. He said that the Ukrainian-Arab exhibition and conference "AUABI 2020 Ukrainian-arab international expo" will be held for the first time in Ukraine. The main objective of the event will be to reassess the needs of the Arab markets for imported goods in the light of environmental changes that are occurring on the planet.

According to the president of AUABI, during the events, economic cooperation between Ukraine and the countries of the Arab world will be studied, the needs of the markets of Arab countries in imported goods will be assessed in the light of environmental changes that are happening on the planet. 

“We decided to organize this exhibition, having evaluated and studied all issues, having studied economic cooperation between Ukraine and the countries of the Arab world. This will give great opportunities and development of economic relations between Ukraine and the countries of the Arab world, starting from East Africa, Asian countries and countries of the whole Middle The main objective of the exhibition and conference is the opportunity to find out the needs for exactly those goods that the Arab countries need, especially after the environmental changes that are happening on the planet, "- p crossed out Alotti.

He expressed his conviction that the Arab countries are an important partner for cooperation with Ukraine, especially in the economic sphere.

"These are 22 countries with a population of more than 400 million people. Arab markets are important for cooperation in the following areas: food, agriculture, energy and other industries. The exhibition and conference" AUABI 2020 Ukrainian-arab international expo "will give a good impetus to cooperation and the opportunity to promotion of goods in the Arab markets. We are working to implement these projects, "said the Chairman of the Board of AUABI.

At the end of his speech, Salim Alotti emphasized that his organization was open for cooperation and forging new ties and partnerships.

Anatoly Kinakh told those present about trade and economic cooperation with the countries of the Arab world.

“Ukraine has huge export potential. And we are in a very important direction of development not only of export potential, but also of solving urgent issues, primarily the search for new markets and, of course, diversification of Ukrainian exports.

After the outbreak of war in the East, we lost somewhere around 40% of our exports, and today it’s very important not only to search for new markets, but also to enter long-term strategic areas of cooperation such as trade in goods, products, services, and enhanced cooperation in investment sphere. All these priorities are clearly formulated and relevant for Ukraine in the direction of cooperation with the states of the Arab world, especially in the Persian Gulf. Today, we note the dynamic growth of Ukraine’s exports to such countries as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and others. First of all, we are talking about the export of agricultural products, which are in great demand in the markets of Arab countries, ”said Anatoly Kinakh.

In his opinion, Ukraine needs to improve its cooperation. First of all, this is an increase in the structure of export of products from the processing industry, not raw materials, namely products with high added value. Ukraine is very interested, using the financial opportunities of partners in the countries of the Arab world, its raw material base and unique geographical location, including skilled workers for cooperation with colleagues from the Arab states, primarily on the basis of investment in the processing industry, in the creation of joint ventures and then direction products that are produced in joint ventures, to ensure those export volumes that are necessary for the consumer markets of other countries. This is one of the priorities of Ukraine.

Anatoly Kinakh thanked the colleagues from AUABI for “people's diplomacy”.

Not only official structures, governments, intergovernmental commissions take part in this work, but representatives of Ukrainian business and businessmen from Arab countries are very active in it. This is a very effective method of cooperation. By the method of public diplomacy, we exchange information, look for common priorities, interests and those projects on the basis of which we can work effectively and be competitive in certain markets. Based on this, one of our priorities is the creation of the infrastructure of such constant communications between businesses. As an example, last year we opened a representative office of Ukrainian business in the state of Qatar, on an ongoing basis. We are very active in ensuring that our representatives of the construction industry and the metallurgical complex work actively in the context of preparations for the 2022 World Cup, ”the expert noted. 

It is not only about deliveries of products, it is about cooperation in projects that are relevant for Ukraine. First of all, these are projects concerning the huge potential of our state in the direction of transport infrastructure. According to Analy Kinakh, the directions related to energy security of Ukraine are important. And this question is one of the most pressing for us. Ukraine is ready to cooperate both in the context of the participation of Ukrainian specialists, Ukrainian energy products and not only mechanical engineering in those projects that are being implemented in the Arab states. Our country is clearly interested in cooperation with colleagues in the context of further development and realization of its energy potential.

“Definitely, we support measures that relate to the International Exhibition, we will work very actively. By the way, our businessmen are increasingly participating in those exhibitions held in the countries of the Arab world. The other day, another delegation returned from such an exhibition. We are confident that only through transparent competition, the exchange of information, the search for common interests, the strengthening of trust between us and, among other things, the creation of the necessary conditions for the protection of investor rights and private property rights, it is possible to achieve positive results. We are confident in success, and I am very pleased to note that we note an increase in the volume of our trade cooperation, but communications and flights are gradually being strengthened, our citizens communicate, tourism business is developing, and this is the foundation that builds trust and mutual respect between peoples, as a basis for further cooperation in economic areas, ”summed up the head of the USPP.

Further, Vladimir Stavnyuk took the floor, in his speech he congratulated AUABI on the presentation of the exhibition, thanked for participation and noted that it is a great honor for the State Innovation Financial and Credit Institution to join such a grandiose platform for international projects in the areas of economic and investment activities. Volodymyr Stavnyuk noted the positive experience of cooperation between Ukraine and the countries of the Arab world. In particular, the head of the GFKU noted that with the participation of the institution he heads, a project is being developed to build a solar power station in the UAE, which will attract more than $ 200 million of investments, and this is a huge opportunity for our cooperation.

Volodymyr Stavnyuk emphasized that the State financial financial institution has a number of financial instruments for the development of the innovative ecosystem of Ukraine: supporting innovative and investment projects and programs, monitoring their effective implementation, as well as raising funds, including foreign ones, providing guarantees for financing scientific, technical and marketing research, scientific and technical search, innovative and investment projects and programs, as well as the Competition of innovative projects and the Fund for the Support of Inventions M nekonomiki.

The next speaker of the forum was Maria Makhnovets, who spoke about the Ukrainian Organic Cluster, which had just started its activities (in 2017), but over the past few years has been actively promoting organic producers and their products abroad.

“I really hope that it is the Gulf countries and the Middle East that will become the next markets for organic producers,” said Maria Makhnovets.

The expert said that today in Ukraine about 400 thousand hectares of land are under organic production. About 600 organic producers produce organic products, 80% of which are exported to EU countries, since these markets are fairly close. However, in recent years, commodity prices in these markets have been declining. Therefore, do not underestimate our neighbors in the Middle East, where according to Maria Makhnovets, the word "organic" is not new. But organic production there is slowing down by the harsh agricultural conditions (arid climate, lack of water). At the same time, in the countries of the Middle East, a framework has been established for both the production of organic products and their imports, and they must be taken into account. 

Speaking about the request for organic products from the Middle East, the expert noted that this is confectioner, grocery, sweets ..

The countries of the Middle East today have a targeted policy to stimulate the production of quality products, they are fighting to reduce the level of obesity. A young generation is growing in countries that wants to consume high-quality, organic products.

“I believe that it is Ukraine, its food and innovative organic industry, that can become the driver of trade and economic relations between Ukraine and the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. Therefore, this factor cannot be underestimated. It is necessary not only to look at distant countries such as the USA, Japan, Canada or Singapore, but also to begin to establish activities with these countries. It’s necessary to participate in exhibitions and trade missions, use the chance, ”said Maria Makhnovets.

Other experts made speeches at the press conference, as well as a lot of informative and useful information. So, summing up its results, we note that the business of the Arab countries is interested in the agricultural sector for investment in Ukraine. This, in particular, can be the production of halal products, for example, chicken, lamb, beef, eggs.

Among the countries of the Middle East, they consider cooperation with Ukraine in the field of agriculture, in particular, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Turkey were called.

The exhibition and conference "AUABI 2020 Ukrainian-arab international expo" will be held in Kiev on June 9-11, 2020. The event will bring together more than 300 companies from Ukraine, the Middle East and the EU, which allows Ukrainian companies to establish direct contacts with the business community.

Note that everyone who wants to take part in the AUABI 2020 UKRAINIAN-ARAB EXPO exhibition and conference can contact the following contacts:

+ 380503153110, + 380675028777, + 380444256460

E-mail: info@auabi.com, www.auabi.com

Source: IE “Ukraine in Arabic”

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