Car bomb in Yemeni capital causes multiple casualties

Wed, 01.07.2015 16:32

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ A car bomb blast has ripped through an area of Yemen’s capital Sana’a. Unconfirmed reports say at least 28 people have been killed.

ISIL militants have claimed responsibility on their web site saying it was revenge for the Muslims against the Shia Houthi rebels. The explosion happened behind a military hospital – some of the injured were in a nearby building mourning the victims of a previous attack.

A Saudi-led military alliance has been bombing Yemen’s dominant Houthi group to try and dislodge them from the capital and restore the exiled president.

The political vacuum has allowed hardline Sunni militants including ISIL room to operate. In a significant ratcheting up of three months of war, Yemeni forces claim to have launched a SCUD missile at an army base in Saudi Arabia.

A Yemeni military spokesman said the missile hit the base south of the Saudi capital Riyadh although previous SCUD launches have been shot down by Saudi patriot missiles despite Yemen claims of hitting its target.


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