Boryspil is among the top 40 largest European airports in quarantine

Mon, 20.04.2020 13:31

Boryspil Airport is among the top 40 largest airports in Europe by the number of quarantined flights served. This is stated in the statistics published by Eurocontrol, avianews reports.

«According to the data, on April 18, the Ukrainian enterprise took 38th place with the result of 17 flights. This is 99% less than the average air gate served in one day, ”the statement said.

Since March 17 the Ukrainian government has banned most airports from operating flights. Exceptions are special evacuation flights with passengers and flights exclusively with cargo.

According to the newspaper, Eurocontrol also recorded a similar 99% drop in traffic at 19 airports, which reached the top 40. Among them are the air gates of Vienna, Barcelona, ​​Stockholm, Lisbon, Geneva, Budapest, Warsaw and other major cities.

Europe's largest quarantine airport is Europe. The company served 210 flights on April 18, accounting for 9% of its regular traffic.

In the second place was the Schiphol Amsterdam, with a result of 160 flights (7%).

The third position was taken by London Heathrow, which served 149 flights or 6% of its normal volume.

Source: MindUA

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