Biggest energy company got in ukrainian gas market

Tue, 24.01.2017 10:38

Since November 2016 world’s third largest energy trader Trafigura started trading natural gas in Ukraine’s internal market as reported the owner of one of the big gas companies.

Trafigura in November started to purchase natural gas in Europe and sell it to consumers in Ukraine.

The resource is purchased from the Polish ONICO Energia Spolka.

The volumes of imports are rather small and do not exceed 5 million cubic meters per month, according to the source. All transactions are conducted through Trafigura’s Ukrainian subsidiary, Trafigura Ukraine, registered in Kyiv July 2016.

Trafigura is a Dutch-based company specializing in trading metals, oil, and fertilizers. The company's revenue in 2016 was reported at $98.1 billion.

As were reported earlier, in 2016 Ukraine reduced gas imports by 32.7% compared with 2015, to 11.78 billion cubic meters. The share of private companies in the country’s gas imports was 27% and the rest was purchased by Naftogaz of Ukraine. In December 2016, imports amounted to 1.6 bcm of gas, which is 3.7 times more than in December 2015.

Source: LigaNet

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