Аuthorities of Guinea said : Ebola virus is retreating

Fri, 05.06.2015 02:37

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The Guinean authorities reported that the peak of the epidemic of the Ebola virus is passed: for 40 days in the country there have been no new cases of the disease. The incubation period of the disease ranges from 2 to 21 days.

Progress said the General Director of the Institut Pasteur in Guinea Mamadou Boiro, who arrived at the XV all-Russian scientific forum "Days of immunology in St. Petersburg", reports TASS. According to him, during the epidemic in Guinea managed to establish sanitary-educational work among the local population. The Ebola disease occurs due to contact with wild animals and eating insufficiently cooked or not properly processed meats.

The head of the Pasteur Institute said that the epidemic took a heavy toll on local health. "Our doctors took the first blow, 50 people died.

The outbreak of Ebola began in West Africa in February 2014. Compared to other countries, the virus has affected Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The recent cases of new diseases in some regions is considerably reduced, which suggests that the epidemic began to decline. 2014 from this disease died 10500 people.


{source}Umma Inform

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