Arab League stands in solidarity with Saudi Arabia against any threats

Wed, 08.11.2017 18:14

The League of Arab States declared its solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against any foreign threats targeting its security.

Ahmed Abul-Gheit, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, condemned the unprecedented escalation of violence against Saudi Arabia.

He stated that the Iranian interventions in the Arab countries are intolerable and unacceptable all over the Arab States, as they reflect Iran’s desire to create tension and unrest in order to exercise hegemony over the region.

Abul-Gheit said that the Arab duty requires solidarity with Saudi Arabia while facing these serious threats to its security, stressing on the other hand the conflict in Yemen is unfortunate, and backing it are known parties that aim to stretch the confrontation in Yemen to the whole area endlessly.

The Secretary-General added that regional stability will happen only when these parties fully consider their policies towards Arabs, and review the approach adopted in previous years, which caused the region to enter into a cycle of conflict and turmoil.

Source: Al arabiya

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