An ice rink is being built in the courtyard of the Presidential Office in Kyiv

Sun, 15.12.2019 14:29

In the courtyard in front of the building of the Office of the President of Ukraine, a skating rink is being built. It is reported by TSN.

The general director of the National Complex "Expocenter of Ukraine" Yevgeny Mushkin said that the skating rink is being built to popularize the project "Winter Country at VDNKh", as well as other projects of Expocenter. The proceeds, he said, are used to restore the state VDNH.

“We had a conversation with the head of the State Department of Affairs about such a social project in the center of Kiev. We agreed to do this right in front of the President’s Office,” Mushkin emphasized.

Skating will be free, but skate rental is not provided nearby.

It will be 12 by 28 meters in size - only about 300 m² of ice coverage.

They plan to open the rink on December 28 or 29, it will work until January 19.

Source: TSN

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