Algeria is interested in Russian military equipment

Thu, 25.06.2015 18:32

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Algeria is considering the acquisition of attack helicopters Ka-52, the newspaper reports warday.info

This summer the company will hold a demonstration of military equipment to the Algerian military officials. "The contractor agrees to provide services for the preparation and organization of the show combat helicopter Ka-52 for a potential buyer in the Republic of Algeria (July-August 2015)", - stated in the Annex to the annual report "Kamov" for 2014.

The agreement on the organization display technology Blo signed with a major Corporation "Russian Helicopters" December 8, 2014, the amount required for events - about 90 million rubles.

The Ka-52 were put into serial production in 2008 and are used in the air force and the marine forces.

We are now implementing supply contracts 146 cars for the Russian air force and 32 - for the Navy. If the agreement with Algeria did sign it, it will be the first export order for the time of production of this type of technology.

SourceUmma Inform

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