About 6 bln tourism profits in ivano-Frankivsk western ukraine

Thu, 05.12.2019 19:13

In January-November 2019, local budgets of Ivano-Frankivsk region received UAH 5.9 billion in tourist tax, which is 162% of the annual indicator for 2018.
Compared with the relevant period last year, the growth in revenues made up 65%, Vitaliy Perederko, the head of the tourism department of the international cooperation, eurointegration, tourism and investments department at the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration wrote this on his Facebook page.

The highest revenues were recorded in August, September, and November.

The cities of Yaremche and Ivano-Frankivsk traditionally remain the leaders in the tourism industry of the region, which received UAH 3.8 million and UAH 1.3 million, respectively.

As to the districts, Kosovsky district (UAH 172,000) and Bohorodchansky district (UAH 110,000) were in lead.

Source: Ukrinform
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