A record number of changes were made to the "anti-Kolomoyskiy" bill

Mon, 06.04.2020 13:21

Opponents of the so-called "anti-Kolomoiskiy" bill have submitted nearly 6,000 amendments to the second reading of the bill.

 "As of now, we already have about 6000 changes in banking law and judging by the pace, the final figure will reach 8000-8500 edits.

This body of text is still physically difficult to bring down, so expecting a Committee meeting early Wednesday is probably not worth it. "

Details: Zheleznyak added that April 6 is the last day of editing. It is possible that parliamentarians will submit 10 thousand amendments to the bill.

According to Zheleznyak, this is an absolute record.

Earlier: On March 30, the Council endorsed in its first reading the so-called "anti-Colombo" bill No. 2571-d on improving certain mechanisms for regulating banking activities.

The bill stipulates that owners and ex-owners of a bank whose interests have been violated by the financial institution's withdrawal from the market can receive compensation for the loss only in cash.

In this case, recognition of the decision to withdraw a bank from the market as an illegal one cannot be a ground for its cancellation or return to the ex-owner.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

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