Ukrainian media: Zelensky went to rest in Oman

Mon, 06.01.2020 19:01

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky went to the Arab state of Oman, located on the Arabian Peninsula. This was stated in the office of the president.

It is curious that the president flew for his money on a regular flight to engage in state affairs, from which reporters concluded that he flew on vacation.

"President Vladimir Zelensky is in Oman, where he left with his family on a scheduled flight at his own expense. There are scheduled top-level meetings in the next few days. In Oman, Vladimir Zelensky will discuss trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, strengthening diplomatic relations and attracting investment in Ukraine, "the report said.

Note that in the media there was a photo with Zelensky, where he was captured in a luxurious expensive hotel in Oman.

Source: Office of the President

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