The famous Turkish writer and human rights activist Yasar Kemal died

Tue, 03.03.2015 14:39

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ According to the newspaper, the writer died from cardiopulmonary failure in the clinic of Istanbul University. According to the report, Yasar Kemal (real name - Kamal Sadiq Vecceli), a famous Turkish writer and public figure of Kurdish origin, has died at 93-year life.

He was one of the greatest contemporary Turkish writers. Yasar Kemal known as multiple candidate for the Nobel prize in literature, as well as an active supporter of the creation of an independent Kurdistan and build in Turkey civil society.

Some of his books for many years were in Turkey Smoking, and he was persecuted and nearly two years spent in prison for inciting separatism.

The Central place in the writer's work is the novel "Skinny Memed" (1955), dedicated to the legendary Kurdish national hero of the Inja Mamed, who headed the anti-feudal uprising. This novel has been translated into more than forty languages.

The life of Kurdish villages, the destruction of the peasants and their struggle for land, and mass Exodus to the cities for work formed the basis novels Kemal "Tin box" (1955, Russian translation in 1970, "Tin"), chukurova in the fire" (1956). Proximity to real life characteristic of the novels "OPORA" (1960), "Earth - iron sky - copper" (1963), "the Legend of the Mountain" (1970), "the Robber" (1972), "the EFA from Cukurca" (1972). Works Kemal have a deep humanism, poetry and folk imagery of language.


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