The Ambassador of Afghanistan in Ukraine: We support the unity of your country and its people

Fri, 06.03.2015 17:02

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Afghanistan in Ukraine Mohammad Akbar Mohammadi told about the past in his country's presidential election, the economic and social progress in the state, about relations with Ukraine, investment attractiveness of the "heart of Asia" and many other things.

 - Mr. Ambassador, how do You assess the recent presidential elections in Afghanistan?

 In June of 2014 was held the second round of presidential elections IL Afghanistan, it was a positive and very important step for the people of Afghanistan, to strengthen peace and stability in the country.

 The past in Afghanistan presidential elections were very important event in the history of the Islamic State, and this is really a great achievement in the direction of democracy. Also this was done in order to create a national unity government. The Afghan people are no longer willing with the help of a coup or revolution to change the government, he wants to move in a democratic direction. Afghans want with elections in democratic way to elect their leader. Conference in Beaune in 2001 marked the beginning of democratic development of the Afghan state. At this conference it was decided to create a government of national unity of Afghanistan. At the meeting of the Loya Jirga (national Assembly of Afghanistan in 2002, he decided to create a temporary transitional government, as well as about the necessity of writing a new Constitution.

 This is the first vote, on which the people of Afghanistan being able to choose their President. People want peace, stability, prosperity for their country. Therefore, these elections are an opportunity and a chance for our people to choose their President by democratic free elections, and to establish democracy in Afghanistan.

 In light of the recent elections, in Your opinion, the Afghan people have passed the test of democracy?

 - I think, Yes. As a result of these elections, the people of Afghanistan have been the President, with whom he will collaborate successfully, would be beneficial to work with the opposition forces and the Afghan government. It was a positive result, as in General elections, and for the further fate of the country.

 - On the Crimean forum Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that he regrets that the Russian authorities did not recognize the Taliban government. You will be able to comment on such statements?

 It was a personal opinion of Mr. Zhirinovsky. We believe that we should not recognize the Taliban official. The international community does not recognize or endorse the actions of the Taliban. We believe that it would be a mistake if the Taliban government recognized. The spread of terrorism around the world is of great concern to the world community, and also creates a lot of problems.

 At the end of the current year's planned withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Do You think the Afghan security forces will be able to ensure stability in Your country?

 - Police and army Afghanistan have enough capabilities and capacities to ensure the country's security. Today we have quite a strong army that is able to withstand any threats and challenges. At the moment the security situation in Afghanistan is established using the national forces of law and order. In recent years, the capabilities and capacity of the Afghan national army is much increased, strengthened its position. Afghan security forces to defend their country with the support of international forces based in Afghanistan, and now they enforce law and order on its territory, while the international forces are not accepted at this direct involvement.

 However, terrorism is a threat not only to Afghanistan and the region, but also for the international community. Therefore, you must support all over the world in order to confront it.

 - Tell us more about the interaction between NATO forces and the Afghan security forces to maintain law and order? Now the people of Afghanistan fully supports the army or have any dissenters regions?

 The majority of Afghans support, go to serve in the army, in every way the military of Afghanistan and the country's security forces. Yes, there are certain anti-government forces in Afghanistan, associated with foreign States who are opposed to this, resist the national forces of law and order. But, nevertheless, the army of Afghanistan and the security forces have sufficient capacity so that if some external threat to act together. Army Afghanistan has extensive military experience. Now the problem is that the Afghan military is at war "not seeing" the enemy, they are not sitting in shelters, or in the parapets. The fact that the coordination of forces that are fighting against our army is outside Afghanistan. That is, there is no direct interaction of the Afghan war with the enemies. Such policies enemy carries heavy losses among the civilian population: there are explosions, terrorist attacks.

 - As it is today Afghanistan perceives foreign soldiers on its territory? What did you think about the government?

 - Afghanistan national army is working closely with international troops, with forces of ISAF (international military contingent of the NATO-led - ed). They work productively, learn, gain new experience and it gives positive results. We are grateful to those countries that provide the forces for cooperation with our troops.

 -What is the number of American soldiers today in Afghanistan?

 - As of July 2014 the total number of foreign soldiers was 40 thousand, 30 thousand of which are American.

 - What is the number of Afghan refugees in the world?

 From the beginning of the civil war left the country about 6-7 million Afghans. Currently outside the country, there are about 3 million refugees. The largest number of refugees from Afghanistan are in countries such as Iran and Pakistan. We cooperate with countries where there are Afghan refugees, and dealt with readmission - the return of our citizens at home. The Afghan Ministry for refugees with the assistance of international organizations assisting the Afghans wishing to return home.

 - Do you have data on the number of Afghan refugees in Ukraine?

 We collaborate with organizations of the UN, with the UN office for refugees in Ukraine. I can say that the city with the largest number of immigrants from Afghanistan this: Kharkov, where, according to local authorities, about 1 thousand Afghans, Odessa - about 3 thousand people, and about 1 thousand of our refugees live in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. An exact figure is difficult to call.

 - Do they receive refugee status from the official services of Ukraine?

 Some of them received the citizenship of Ukraine, other received a temporary residence permit. Among them are refugees-migrants. A permanent place of residence is also available. Exact data are not known to us.

 Dear Mr. Mohammad Akbar Mohammadi, my next question would be about Economics. Did people in Afghanistan live better now than say 10-15 years ago?

 - You ask a very good question. During the last 35 years, two main factors have seriously affected the country. The first negative factor - the economic consequences of the war, the shock to the economy, destroyed the great potential that was Afghanistan. The second attack on Afghanistan is the destruction of educational infrastructure and economic sectors: schools, Universities, roads, bridges, power plants, factories, etc. as a result, many young people have not received education.

 As for achievements, it is the adoption in 2003 of the Constitution of Afghanistan, the organization of the new regime in the country, the output of the Islamic Republic of political isolation, the development in terms of education, training. On the Day of knowledge in Afghanistan, there were 11 million students, and what it is noteworthy that 40% of this amount - girls. Education in our country is developing, both in the public and private sectors.

 We have made great progress in the field of health, about 70-80% of Afghans use the services provided by the state. Over the last few years in Afghanistan is much decreased mortality rate.

 With regard to information technology areas, in recent years, Afghanistan has gained a lot of experience and has achieved great progress in this area. Now in Afghanistan, more than 22 million people use mobile and information technology communication tools. We also use satellite technology, satellite communications. Operates 41 television channel. Broadcasting occurs by satellite throughout the country.

 As for freedom of speech in Afghanistan, in this direction there is a great improvement. The population of Afghanistan is able to view any foreign channel and listen to the radio. Now in the country there are about 600 publications - Newspapers, magazines.

 Recently the country has made very much: built bridges, roads, and trails. Over the last 13 years has significantly increased GDP. In more than 65 countries of the world were opened diplomatic missions of Afghanistan, signed a lot of strategic treaties and agreements with foreign States and international organizations. We try to cooperate with all countries and are grateful to the world community for their support to our state aid.

 - Previously, the Afghan Ministry of Commerce announced the intention of the Republic to join the WTO (world trade organization - as amended). Will Afghanistan in the WTO, and what the prospects are your hopes for this event?

 - Yes, we are interested in cooperation in all fields and all parameters with the WTO, but it seems to me that at this stage for Afghanistan early to become a WTO member.

 - What areas could attract investors in Your country?

 - Afghanistan is the heart of Asia, it has great potential. In Afghanistan there are great opportunities in the field of mining, there are oil, gas, metals and other chemical elements, production of which may be of interest to Western countries and foreign investors. Unfortunately, to date, the full capacity of Afghanistan in the direction of the unknown. Doors Afghanistan are open to all foreign investors and companies that want to participate in tenders for the development of mineral deposits in our country.

 In addition, Afghanistan occupies a leading place in the world for the quality of fruit, they are very popular and in high demand. We are proud that we have such a reputation.

 Afghan handmade carpets are also popular all over the world as our neighbors and abroad. We are ready to cooperate in this direction.

 Our country is known for its deposits of copper, large reserves of precious stones used for decoration and interior decoration, and other natural resources. We are interested in cooperation, and we see interest from our partners.

 - As you know, because of difficult living conditions in Afghanistan have long been flourishing drug trade. As the authorities are now struggling with this phenomenon?

 - Yes, for very many years in our country there were two problems - trading and illegal distribution of drugs, and terrorism. Drug trafficking is under the guidance of certain mafia structures. We can fight this evil. But we need international assistance in the struggle as terrorism and drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is a problem and a threat to global level, so we need the help of the international community

 International organizations provide assistance in this matter?

 "Yes, of course. We cooperate with many international organizations, resulting in reduced acreage, which grows plants required for the production of narcotic substances. These fields cover crops. I would repeat that we work and strive together with the international community to overcome this problem, because the Afghans themselves will not be able to cope with this trouble.

 - Earlier, during a meeting with senior officials of the Kharkiv region, You stated that Afghanistan is interested in cooperation with the region in the fields of construction, education and military industry. If any steps in this direction?

 "Yes, we held meetings and negotiations with the leadership of the city of Kharkiv. We know that Kharkiv is one of the industrial, cultural and educational centers of the country, and we are interested in cooperation.

 At these meetings, we discussed a number of issues from the relationship at the level of sister cities between Kharkov and Kabul to the rest of Afghan children in Kharkiv resorts and camps.

We were invited businessmen from Kharkov to participate in tenders for the reconstruction of roads, infrastructure, bridges in Afghanistan. We are also interested to buy from Kharkiv plants building materials for the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the country. They also discussed the issue of creation in Kharkiv Afghan cultural center. In Kabul has long established Park called "Kiev", which indicates the development of relations between our countries and cities. There are a number of Ukrainian companies, which operate in Afghanistan, they are cooperating with our companies.

 - How do you assess the level of relations between Ukraine and Afghanistan?

 - In 1995, was opened diplomatic Embassy of Afghanistan in Kiev, and also signed an agreement on development of relations in the field of education between the two countries. In addition, Ukraine and Afghanistan signed an agreement on the development of economic relations, as well as research activities between the Polytechnic institutes of the two countries. A Memorandum was signed between the diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Ukraine and the Institute of Diplomacy at the foreign Ministry of Afghanistan. There are numerous exchange of delegations between the two parties.

 Today we have prepared 8 draft agreements, which, we hope, in the near future, the Ukrainian side is ready to sign. This agreement on the expansion of economic activities and military cooperation, the establishment of a joint trade and economic Commission between the two countries and others.

 Afghanistan is interested in maintaining relations with the Ukrainian side. Afghan Ukrainian side proposed to open a diplomatic mission of Ukraine in Kabul. We are waiting for this, and I wanted it. I hope that in the near future, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will be opened.

 We positively assess the current level of our relations with Ukraine, try to develop them.

 - Tell me, where turn to the citizens of Afghanistan for Ukrainian visa if Your country has no Embassy?

 - Contact the Ukrainian Embassy in Tajikistan, Pakistan, neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and t .h. Russia.

 - What is the position of Afghanistan concerning the political situation in Ukraine, I mean the Crimea and the Eastern part of it?

 - Afghanistan has extensive experience of such a confrontation between the native people and the official policy of our government is to neutrality and non-interference of other neighbouring countries, foreign States in the internal Affairs. We have over 30 years have seen war, and what consequences it can have for people and for the country. This, of course, detrimental to people. The official position is non-interference in internal Affairs, the preservation of neutrality in relation to the neighboring and friendly countries.

 We respect the commitments made by the international organizations at a high level, respect the signed contract, agreement, national borders in the form in which they were concluded at the international level. While adhering to the policy of neutrality. We, as in any other country, respect and boundaries of Ukraine and its territorial integrity.

 We wish the people of Ukraine as soon as possible to achieve peace on their own land. We support the unity of the country and the unity of the nation.

 Citizens of Afghanistan, rest in Crimea, which must formally request, in the Afghan Embassy in Kiev or Moscow?

 - It doesn't matter, they have the right to go wherever you want. That is, either in the Embassy in Moscow or Kiev. If Afghans have any problems, questions, they can contact its Embassy anywhere in the world. As the representative of the Embassy should help them and to protect their interests.

 - Do You plan to promote Afghan culture in Ukraine?

 The task of each Embassy is the spread of language, culture, customs and traditions of his people. Every nation, every people has its own identification essence, his flair, this is reflected in the language and in the cultural, literary values, creations. Of course, we want to spread our culture in Ukraine and in turn, explore the local traditions, culture and customs. The Afghans themselves must also remember those historical events that occurred in Afghanistan, to raise and develop the cultural, historical, literary relations between the two Nations. Afghans living in Ukraine, do not lose their identity. This is manifested in clothing, poetry, national cuisine. Afghans in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova celebrate the national holidays of Afghanistan, which is an indication that they are true to their identity, and they do not forget their roots. In Odessa, Kharkov, Minsk there are schools where children teach Afghans Afghan language and traditions, not forgetting about the culture and history

 - What is the position of Afghanistan in relation to the events in Gaza, in Palestine?

 Afghanistan against any bloody, violent action throughout the world in any form. We oppose the loss of innocent men, women, children. Different types of issues, conflicts should not be resolve

d by force and bloodshed. They must be resolved through political dialogue, diplomatic negotiations.

 - Were there any official resolution or official public statements of the President of Afghanistan and the Prime Minister about this?

 The people of Afghanistan protested, their anger to Israel's actions in Gaza.

 - Thank You for the interview!

 Interviewed By: Mohammad Farajallah

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