Science Technology has revealed details of the new powerful long-range drone

Wed, 27.02.2019 17:07

The company Science Technology revealed details about the new powerful long-range unmanned aerial vehicle during the IDEX 2019 exhibition, held in Abu Dhabi on February 17-21.

Science Technology together with partners from South Korea, the United States and Ukraine is launching a program that will use the latest technology and combat experience to develop a new unmanned aerial platform capable of carrying tons of weapons.

 “The ambitious project of a new unmanned combat vehicle is being developed to support counterinsurgency operations (COIN), reconnaissance and search and rescue operations (SAR). Air support (DAS), naval patrol and internal defense missions are also possible,”- says the leadership.

The main advantage of the new unmanned bomber, created by the team of Science Technology, is the use of advanced technologies, relatively low cost and free access to the market.

Representatives of the company did not release the specification of a new unmanned bomber. However, it is expected that UCAV will be able to carry several useful devices, including: electro-optical / infrared devices, multimode sea surveillance radar, laser pointers.

The device can carry several anti-radiation, anti-ship and high-precision air-to-surface missiles and guided bombs. UCAV will also be equipped with on-board equipment for launching laser-guided missiles, which is highly accurate.

“Work on this project is a priority and received approval from a number of Armed Forces and potential customers in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa),” said a company spokesman.

It is expected that in the next few years defense spending at MENA will increase significantly, which will open up a new market for heavy unmanned aircraft systems. It is projected to increase the fleet of such UAVs in the region from dozens of aircraft in 2018 to 700 in 2028, which is due to the growing number and intensity of local conflicts.

Early Science Technology presented drones at IDEX-2019

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