Company Science Technology will work in the development of small arms

Thu, 07.02.2019 16:28

The company Science Technology has signed an agreement with the company "Flarma", which is engaged in the development of domestic small arms.

We are talking about several lines of small arms.

The most distinctive new models are pistols in calibers 9x19, 9x19, 11.43 × 23. Due to the unique technologies used by engineers, they demonstrate good results in the shooting.

Another promising project is the development of the F-011 LEVENT / F-012 machine gun in 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 calibers. The design features of the machine gun ensure the survivability of the barrel with a continuous queue of 1000 shots, which is an unprecedented indicator for weapons of this class.

Also the company's specialists made a deep modernization of the DShK machine gun, during which due to a drastic reduction in returns, a veteran of many wars demonstrates a significantly increased accuracy of shooting.

Also there is a grenade launcher  in the portfolio of "Flarm".

It is noted that cooperation may result in a successful export product. Science Technology will present models at the upcoming IDEX-2019.

Previously, the company Science Technology announces that it will show a new armored vehicles on IDEX-2019.

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