Arab center in Zaporozhye city hosted Iftar

Mon, 20.07.2015 19:28

Kiev/ Ukraaine in Arabic/ The event was held in one of the Arab restaurants in Zaporozhye. The "Arab center in Zaporozhye" organized the iftar, attended by representatives of Arab and Islamic diasporas, the leaders of several Arab organizations and associations, Ukrainian government officials, representatives of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine in Zaporozhye.

Opening remarks were made by Nawfal Hamdani head of the Arab centre in Zaporozhye. He expressed his sincere admiration on this occasion, and joy from the fact that the event came to Muslims gathered at one table in this Holy month.

Naoufal  Hamdani also expressed his belief that the Arab and Islamic diasporas play an important role in ensuring peace and stability in the region.

Then the floor was taken by Vyacheslav Morocco, which holds the position of head of the Department of tourism, culture and religions of the city administration.

The guest thanked for the invitation to the iftar, noting that Muslims Zaporozhye are an integral part of society. Further was made by the Chairman of the Advisory Board on matters of internal security of the region Vitaly Pisinski and the head of the Council of public organizations of the Shevchenko district of Zaporozhye Vitaliy Cocomo. The guests expressed their joy on the occasion of participation in this event, stressing that the Arab center in Zaporozhye clearly characterizes the Arab Diaspora.

In turn, the head of the Arab community Zaporozhye lo'ay al-Badri stressed that Ramadan is the month of mercy, forgiveness, and unity of hearts.

The event was also attended by the mayor of Zaporozhye Alexander Shin, who congratulated Muslims on Ramadan and presented a commendation to Dr. Noitall Hamdani for his work on behalf of the city and Ukraine in General.

On the profit and iftar guests from Kiev, namely the head of the Egyptian community in Ukraine, Walid Atia, President of the Association of Arab doctors in Ukraine Rami Abu Shamsiya, a representative of the Union of Arab youth in Ukraine Mahmud of Chalabi. These honored guests expressed their support for the activities of the Arab center in Zaporozhye, thanking the Muslims of the city for their unity and hospitality.

One of the honorary guests of the evening and was chief editor of informportal  "Ukraine in Arabic" Mohammad Farajallah, who congratulated Muslims of Zaporozhye on the occasion of the Holy month of Ramadan, stressing that his edition was and remains among the leaders in spreading accurate information about Ukraine and life of diasporas in it, and publishes truthful reports about the situation in our country in light of the information campaign against it by certain States. Mohammad Farajallah thanked the organizers for their efforts, noting that this is the first in posledice years iftar in Ukraine, which was attended by the mayor of the city. 

Then he handed Nataly Hamdani the letter-gratitude for the efforts and work of the Arab centre in Zaporozhye in support of the Arab culture and the Arab media in Ukraine, and also presented him with a symbolic gift - a flashlight, which is one of the symbols of Ramadan in the East - it helps the Muslims in this Holy month to light your way. About the beginning of the iftar told local Imam DUMU Firas Derry, after which guests were able to enjoy delicious refreshments, which were carefully prepared for the occasion. Then, the participants listened to the Holy Quran, which was read to local children from Muslim backgrounds, and listened to religious songs.

Source "Ukraine in Arabic"

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