A friend of Azerbaijan has been elected chairman of the Arab Electronic Media Union

Thu, 02.12.2021 19:01

Ukraine in Arabic\Fuad Huseynzade\ A new Arab information organization called the Arab Electronic Media Union, headed by the State of Kuwait, has been established.
The initiative was put forward by the chairman of the Kuwait Electronic Media Union, Mr. Faisal Khalifa al-Sawwag.
The founding conference of the Arab Electronic Media Union was held in Cairo with the participation of delegations from Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, the Moon Islands, Mauritania and Sudan.
Under the auspices of the League of Arab States, the founders announced the creation of this new media organization to shape the reality of the new Arab media under the slogan of modern media for the future. It should be noted that the owner of the media initiative, the newly established organization will be headed by the chairman of the Kuwait Electronic Media Union Mr. Faisal Khalifa al-Sawwag.
Mr. Faisal Khalifa al-Sawwag opened the meeting with an outstanding opening speech, by underlining the need to establish the Arab Electronic Media Union to become an inclusive country in modern Arab media. He explained that this body carries the message and serves to be a real and influential media outlet for a better future in the field of media.
The chairman of the Kuwait Electronic Media Union underlined the efforts of the Arabs to create an inclusive platform, taking into account the importance of modern technology and taking advantage of all experience. “We now have a common platform to build a realistic and achievable vision to develop a goal that we all aim for. "Our message is to protect our country from dangers, to make the most of its positive aspects, to make a real mark in this vast space and to engage in modern media to start cooperating with various relevant institutions and organizations," he added. He also mentioned that modern media is an important factor in the lives of individuals, media outlets has a great impact on society, the development of cultures, progress, communication and interaction has been a human feature since ancient times.” Then the representatives of the participating Arab countries noted the need for such a platform for the State of Kuwait and the Kuwait Electronic Media Union, thanked the Union for this initiative and praised the leading role of the State of Kuwait in this area. Later, after some amendments, the charter of the new union was adopted and a new board was elected.
The delegation includes Faisal Khalifa al-Sawwagh (Kuwait) as president, Hassan al-Aboudi (Iraq) as vice president, Abdul-Baghi Safi al-Din (Sudan) as secretary general, Khalid al-Malik (Saudi Arabia) and Dr. Iman Hamdan consists of Hamed Ahmed Ali (Gamar Islands) and Abdi Abdo (Mauritania).
Secretary General of the Kuwait Electronic Media Union Zaid al-Sanea and Kuwaiti journalist Zaid al-Sarbel attended the meeting as general coordinators of these meetings. It should be noted that Faisal Khalifa al-Sawwag has paid several working visits to Azerbaijan. He has repeatedly made statements condemning the provocative actions of Armenians against Azerbaijan and the Khojaly genocide. He attended a press conference held by President Ilham Aliyev on February 26 this year for local and foreign media.
He also visited the liberated areas and published an extensive article in the Kuwaiti media. Faisal Khalifa al-Sawwag, a friend of Azerbaijan, sent a congratulatory letter to President Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of November 8 - Victory Day, expressing pride and joy in conveying his blessings.

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