Opinion: Russia has stolen Victory Day from veterans

11.05.2022 - 13:16 #Ukraine, #Russia, #Victory Day, #Nazis, #Veteran
Ukrainian veterans, 77 years after the Great Victory, are being killed by Russian bombs in their own homes.

The Kremlin did everything to ensure that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of veterans who fought side by side against German Nazism ended up on opposite sides of the barricades.

What can we see nowadays? Ukrainian veterans, 77 years after the Great Victory, are being killed by Russian bombs in their own homes.

For today there is no doubt that Russia turned Victory Day into the climax of Nazism – a mockery of the memory of the generation that once saved the whole world from the brown plague.

The all civilized world clearly understands that Russia is the modern embodiment of Nazism flying a Russian flag, the creator of a misanthropic ideology that seeks to destroy everything that doesn’t go in line with its own concept of the world order.

At a time when the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of German Nazis live in the civilized world, the descendants of Russian and Ukrainian veterans are dying in a senseless war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine.

Throughout Putin's reign, the Russian Federation has always exploited Russian veterans only for its own political purposes. It has done nothing to create favorable living conditions for those veterans.

Victory Day in Russia is a celebration of Nazi populism, giving Russians the impression of their own exclusivity and the importance of the “Russian path.”

Russia has tarnished the memory of their ancestors by killing peaceful Ukrainians on the eve of Victory Day

In fact, Russia has turned the great Victory Day into a day of mourning, the climax of Russian crimes against peaceful Ukrainians.

From now on, Victory Day will be associated with tens of thousands of those who died because of the war unleashed by the Kremlin in Ukraine, senseless in its cruelty and destruction.

Russia is bombing Ukraine's hero cities like the Nazis did in World War 2. Mariupol has been completely wiped off the face of the earth – a martyr city in which Russian murderers destroyed 30,000 civilians.

Under a fictitious pretext of fighting Nazism in Ukraine, Moscow destroyed thousands of Ukrainians, whose ancestors had fought shoulder to shoulder in the name of Victory.

Russia has done everything to tarnish the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of a peaceful sky above them, the memory of those who laid down their heads on the altar of victory in World War 2.

Putin is using the grandeur of Victory Day to secure his personal interests on the geopolitical map of the world. The shameful procession of the “immortal regiment” is a mockery of the thousands of peaceful Ukrainians killed by the Russian Nazis.

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