Opinion: “Everything goes according to plan, a hundred percent” – Kadyrov urged Russians to mobilize without mobilization

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Against the background of the Kremlin's “propaganda luminaries” fading under the sanctions, Kadyrov truly looks like a “morning star”.
At the same time, he was a little worn out in the “Gostomel cellar”, his gloss and arrogance, which were near Kyiv, has diminished. After all, “instead of taking Kyiv in two days” and “parade march” with skewers, he had to sit in the forest near the Ukrainian capital for a long time, and, finally, leave in a hurry.
Deciding that war is a dangerous business and a lot of real men, Kadyrov switched all his attention to the “educational field.”
At the propaganda marathon of the “Znanie (Knowledge) society”, he did not hesitate at all and, looking directly from the screen of the captured “plasma” into the eyes of Russian youth, declared a 100 % probability that in the “special operation” “everything is going according to plan, a hundred percent”.
All “planned” grain, seeders, harvesters, mixers, and dishwashers 100% have been delivered to the depressed regions of Russia. There is also a 100% chance that Pushilin himself (100 %) will demolish “Azovstal” if 100 % Pushilin is not “demolished” earlier.
Russia has a “100% wunderwaffe”. This is not the president, but “100% he, Ramzan Kadyrov”, who mastered shooting at the crowd from the Peresvet combat laser with 100 % accuracy. One hundred percent of Subutai’s descendants Shoigu 100 % burst with envy.
With this, Russians 1000 % should win, but 100 % sure that they need to mobilize 100 % residents of depressed regions. In the case of the “200th” in Ukraine, the family 100 % will receive 0 % payments.
There is no doubt that Kadyrov's almost daily statements have one single purpose — to create the appearance of “success” of the “special operation.”
But for a certain kind of audience, for example, the security forces, Kadyrov’s “auto-training” is annoying.

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A.    Bokach


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