Ukraine in Arabic | Sofia Kameneva: The role of ethnic minorities in the liberation of Ukraine is enormous

Director of Kiev State Archive thanked the International Union public organization for participation in the event.

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ On October 29th, The Vilna Ukraina (Free Ukraine)exhibition of archival documents devoted to the 70th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from German fascist invaders held at the Kiev State Archive.

The emphasis of the exhibition was placed on the role of ethnic minorities who participated in the liberation of our common homeland. On this occasion, the exhibition was attended by representatives of national minorities in Ukraine and head of the diasporas.

“It is important to emphasize the international component of the events taken place 70 years ago. It is wrong to pretend that a great victory was achieved only by Russians. There were people of different nationalities from all Soviet Republics”, the director of Kiev State Archive Sofia Kameneva said.

The video presentation of documents and photos relating to military operations in Ukraine during World War II was shown to audience.

Sofia Kameneva thanked the International Union public organization (IU) for participation in the event.

The representatives of The International Union regularly take part in activities aimed at the protection and promotion of the rights of national minorities in the Ukrainian society. The organization aims to create favorable conditions for the life of different nationalities, cultures and religions in Ukraine.

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