Ukraine in Arabic | Chief editor IP "Ukraine Arabic" met with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Jordan

The Ukrainian Embassy in the Jordanian capital, Amman Ambassador Sergei Pasko was warmly received by the chief editor of the information portal "Ukraine Arabic" Mohammad Farajallah.

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The latter thanked the Ambassador for the reception and care of citizens of Ukraine in Jordan, in turn, Sergei Pasko welcomed the guest, simultaneously noticing constructive and Patriotic role of Ukraine in Arabic," in defense of the media space of Ukraine.

During the meeting the sides discussed a number of topical issues concerning Ukraine, the Arab world, the Arab media relations in Ukraine. Mohammad Farajallah noted the important role of the publication, which he heads, in establishing cultural cooperation between our country and the Arab world, which is especially important today during a multilingual expansion of Russian propaganda. Russian media work and the Arab information field, said the chief editor of "Ukraine in Arabic," noting that as a result, the reader becomes a victim of propaganda, because the information is presented, and Ukraine is lagging behind in this respect. Mohammad Farajallah also noted that he personally and the members of the Arab Diaspora in Ukraine understand how important it is to inform Arab society about the culture and history of Ukraine and the events that occur in our state, because it is a Patriotic duty to the state.

Editor-FE "Ukraine in Arabic,"added that his edition is very interested to participate in cultural workshops, round tables, discussions and live broadcasts Arab satellite channels that Ukraine did not remain without Arab support during aggressive enemy propaganda.

Serhiy Pasko thanked the guest for his words and stance, stressing that he is a reader and admirer of the information portal "Ukraine in Arabic, and happy cooperation between the Embassy of Ukraine in Jordan and the editors of the publications in the information sphere. This, according to the diplomat, will serve as the Ukrainian state, and strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two countries.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Jordan also touched on the issue of national minorities in Ukraine, noting that they live in security, peace, friendship, and without racism or other forms of discrimination.

Mohammad Farajallah, in turn, stressed that Ukraine is home to representatives of about 134 peoples, their language of interethnic communication is Russian, and they do not experience harassment and nobody pursues due to the language issue.

Serhiy Pasko expressed regret over Russia's aggression, which cynically took advantage of the lack of preparation of Ukraine for any war, and especially with neighbors. The Ambassador also recalled signed in 1994 Budapest Memorandum, according to which, in exchange for full guarantee the security, integrity and sovereignty of our country has voluntarily agreed to transfer its nuclear weapons. Russia, which was one of the guarantors of the Treaty, last spring invaded Crimea. Answering a question concerning bilateral relations between Ukraine and Jordan, our Ambassador noted the respect and the support that he received the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in the Kingdom.

Serhiy Pasko told the story of the renaming of the street on which the Embassy of Ukraine in Jordan. As you know, 200-th anniversary of birth of Taras Shevchenko, this street was named in his honor. The Ambassador noted that this was not so easy to achieve, due to Arab customs and traditions, also "spoke in the wheel" and put the Russian diplomatic office. However, the Governor of the capital has taken a clear position and decided to give the street name world-famous Ukrainian poet.

The interlocutors also touched upon the current political situation in Ukraine, particularly in the East of our country. Mohammad Farajallah expressed hope for a quick peace, stressing the need for greater support our country by the international community to confront the big threat from its Northern neighbor.

The Ambassador said that his Department has awarded to Jordan's king Abdullah II the invitation to visit Ukraine, and recently carried out a tree planting campaign in the near the Park in honor of the memory of the deceased at the hands of the Islamic state" Jordanian pilot of Muadh al-Kasasbeh.  As a result of the meeting the parties agreed on further cooperation.

Source: IP "Ukraine in Arabic"

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