Human rights activists: one of the protesters died in Minsk

Dozens of injured protesters remain in Minsk hospitals

According to human rights activists, on the night of August 10, the man received a brain injury incompatible with life, after a collision of special equipment on Pobediteley Avenue.

According to Vesna, dozens of injured protesters remain in Minsk hospitals. Human rights activists have information that two departments of the military hospital are occupied by the wounded.

On August 9, the presidential election in Belarus took place. The Central Election Commission said that according to preliminary data, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko is gaining 80.23% of the vote. His main opponent is Svitlana Tikhanovska - 9.9%.

The election results sparked protests in Belarusian cities. According to human rights activists, at least 140 people were detained.
Source: Radio Freedom
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