Zelensky had a phone conversation with the macron

Fri, 30.08.2019 16:44

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky had a 1.5 hour phone conversation with President of France Emmanuel Macron on August 29.
The parties discussed the results of the G7 Summit held in Biarritz (France) on August 24-26.

The Head of State commended the position of the Summit participants as regards the impossibility of Russia’s return to this international platform given the war in Donbas and Russia’s occupation of Crimea. The Ukrainian President expressed concern over the recent discussion by the Presidents of France and the United States of the intention to invite Russia to the next G7 Summit in USA in 2020.

The Ukrainian leader also informed his French colleague of the security situation in Donbas.
In turn, Emmanuel Macron confirmed the intention to hold a meeting in the Normandy format shortly.

Source: Presiden Of Ukraine

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