What countries buy Ukrainian tractors

Mon, 20.04.2020 13:03

In 2019 Ukrainians purchased most tractors in the United States - by 112.2 million dollars. In second place are tractors from Germany (in the amount of $ 92.3 million). In third place - tractors from the Netherlands - at 69.7 million dollars.

Most of the tractors from Ukraine were purchased in Belarus - AgroPravda reports. Exports to this country in 2019 amounted to about $ 1 million. Romania took the second place by interest in Ukrainian tractors - by $ 867 thousand. In third place is Moldova - 452 thousand dollars.

Ukrainian tractors were also purchased in Cuba (exported at 370 thousand dollars), in Bulgaria (360 thousand), Poland (288 thousand), Slovakia (247 thousand dollars), Israel (192 thousand dollars) and several other countries.

In total, tractors from Ukraine in 2019 were exported in the amount of 4.7 million dollars. Judging by official statistics, not a single Ukrainian tractor was sent to the Russian Federation.

Source: AgroPravda

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