Viral photo: How saudi prince buy 80 first-class tickets for falcons

Fri, 03.02.2017 13:51

We have often seen people being extremely possessive about their pets. These are people for whom nobody else matters as much as their pets, so much so, they’ll take them along even when they travel. And according to a photo that’s going hugely viral, that’s exactly what a Saudi Arabian prince did too — travel with his pets. Just that, he did it the royal way — by flying his pet falcons, all 80 of them, in first class! You heard us!

The Middle East countries are known to have wild and dangerous animals like cheetahs, tigers and lions as pets that people flaunt as their status symbols. So falcons as pets are as normal as it could be in the UAE, especially in royal families. And the birds, do not travel in cargo transports, with other animals. They are given the best and the most comfortable means to travel. According to a Mid-Day report, the UAE government has even issued about 28,000 passports for the birds between 2002 and 2013! Reddit user ‘Lensoo’ uploaded the photo of the birds travelling first class, after his “captain friend” sent him the photo of the hawks. If you are wondering, then yes, a certain number of falcons are reportedly allowed to travel in the cabin of major airlines.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the regions where falconry is a popular sport, for which the birds are bred in high numbers there.

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Source: indianexpress.com

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