VIDEO: Terrorist ploughed into people in Barcelona flee from the place of incident

Wed, 13.09.2017 13:15

A video has surfaced showing scared civilians escaping a mall in Barcelona following terror attack on August 17. The woman who filmed the video can be heard frequently asking those running away what had happened.

In the attack, a Moroccan man ploughed a van into dozens of people in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, killing 14 and leaving over 100 injured.

What was rather shocking in the video – aired Tuesday on Spanish channel Atena 3 and later by Al Arabiya.net – was a man seen at the 42-second mark, leaving the La Boqueria mall, adjacent to the attack’s location.

The woman asked him the same question when she passed by him: “Do you know what’s happening?”, but he responded saying: “I don’t know what happened,” then left without a trace.

The young man is said to be Younes Abu Yakoub, who was actually the van’s driver. Yakoub fled the scene immediately after the attack, which ISIS had claimed responsibly for.

However, police in Subirats, located 50 kilometers away from Barcelona, surrounded him in a vineyard after receiving a call from a woman who claimed that one of the attack’s suspects was in the city.

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Source: Al Arabiya

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