VIDEO: Six-year UAE resident conquer crown of "Tiny Miss World"

Mon, 09.10.2017 16:41

Dubai resident Ankritha Rashmeeth is just six year old but she is already winning crowns and hearts, for the UAE with her cuteness and charm. 

The KG2 student from Indian International school Dubai recently took part in 'Little Miss World 2017' and won the titles of 'Best Talent' and 'Tiny Miss World 2017'. 

It was no small feat - 75 children from 25 countries, of ages 5 to 16, participated in the international beauty pageant held in Greece in September. Her parents claimed she was the first child ever to represent the UAE in Little Miss World competition and also one of the youngest in the fray. 

While she got her charm and wits from her mother, her father cheerfully pointed out, she got her looks from him. Rashmeeth Kalathil, a hospitality professional, said: "We are honoured to have our daughter represent the UAE. She waved the UAE flag among 25 countries and that made us immensely proud. The organisers said they would love to see more participants from the UAE." 

Earlier in June, the Kerala girl represented India in 'Little Miss Universe 2017' held in Georgia and won several titles such as 'TOD Little Miss Universe', 'Grand Prix Best Talent' and 'Little Miss Butterfly'. 

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Source: Khaleej Times

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