VIDEO: Saudi police detained boy for dancing "Macarena"

Wed, 23.08.2017 15:58

A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in the Saudi city of Jeddah for dancing to the Macarena song in a street.

The boy was accused of "improper public behaviour" for enjoying the 1990s pop hit as he crossed a road.

Mecca  police said the unnamed boy also disrupted traffic. It was unclear if he was going to be formally charged.

In a 45-second video clip, shared widely on social media, the boy stops halfway across the road and starts the well-known dance routine.

The footage was first posted last year, but his arrest was reported on Monday.

Some said the boy was a "legend" and "hero", while others apparently agreed with the Saudi authorities, stating that he behaviour was "immoral".

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Source: Telegraph

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