Ukrainian parliament cancels a project of law on economic activities in Crimea

Thu, 14.08.2014 15:23

KYIV/Ukraine in arabic/ Parliament of Ukraine has canceled a decision it took on Tuesday to approve at second reading a bill on tax and customs control in the free economic zone of Crimea, and on the peculiarities of economic activities on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

At his speech on Thursday the Chairman of Ukrainian parliament Oleksandr Turchynov said that he received written complaints from deputies that the law was passed at second reading in violation of procedure: in particular the law was adopted via MPs using other MPs' voting cards.

Besides, the parliamentary speaker said that Cabinet of Ministers had concerns over the text of the document.

During repeat voting at second reading the bill got 160 votes in favor, with 226 votes needed for it to pass.

A total of 259 members of parliament voted to resubmit the bill for second reading.


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