USA gave over non-lethal ammunition in the amount of 250 million $ to Ukraine

Tue, 01.12.2015 15:35

American newspaper The Washington Post communicated that the part of equipment was physically and morally old-fashioned and non-effective for exploitation.

Publication made some example. In that way Ukrainian Special Forces, which act on the fringe of Donetsk, use off-road vehicles ‘Hammer’, which were made at the end of 1980s – beginning 1990s. However, three off-road vehicles have vinyl windows, which are sure not afford protection to special force.

Also journalists note that tires blow out one of cars partway. According to one of mechanics, it means that car stands in stock far too long.

Additionally, on publication evidence, other special detachment received one armored jacket for 120 humans like that, which American militaries stop use in the middle of 2000s.

‘If Americans want to help us, don’t let us old-fashioned equipment’, said captain one of units Ukrainian special force to journalist as anonym.

The Washington Post reminded that USA gave over old-fashioned equipment to Ukraine in amount of 250 million $. It was supposed to help Ukraine’s government in fight against Pro-Russian militants in Donbas.

In addition Pentagon’s representative Lieutenant Colonel  Joe Sowers refused absolutely on comment status of equipment, which USA supply in Ukraine.

He just notes, that USA continue transmit equipment and provide training of soldiers and officers for ‘help Ukraine protect own border, work more safety and effectively, and also keep territorial integrity ’.

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