US removed Sudan from the list of contries, supporting terrorists

Mon, 15.05.2017 11:13

Sudan has been removed from the US list of countries harboring and sponsoring terrorism.

US intelligence has confirmed in a report to Congress that Khartoum is abiding by a number of conditions that would pave the way for lifting the sanctions imposed on the country for over 20 years,.

Washington has demanded that Sudan submit a report by July 12 stating its commitment to several conditions, including combating terrorism and ending warfare in conflict areas.

In January, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its regret over the inclusion of Sudanese citizens in a ban issued by US President Donald Trump restricting entry for citizens of some countries to the United States.

An earlier statement by the Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs stated that "It is truly regrettable that the ban coincided with the two countries' achievement of an important historic step in lifting the economic and trade sanctions on Sudan, and while working to develop their investment and commercial projects for the benefit of the people of both countries. "

The statement called as well on the United States to remove Sudan from the US terrorism list in “alignment with the common stance to combat terrorism that threatens the two countries," which happened later.

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Source: Al Arabiya

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