US don’t plane to save Kobani

Mon, 13.10.2014 14:23

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, said that while Islamic State's (ISIS) advancement in the city of Ain Al-Arab- Kobane on the Syrian border is a tragedy, it has nothing to do with American strategy in the region. Kerry said that this development will not deter the United States and its allies from pursuing its strategic long term goals for the region.

Secretary Kerry told reporters in Boston, "Kobane is a tragedy because it demonstrates the evils of ISIS, but it has nothing to do with foreign strategy that is occurring in response to ISIS and its actions".

"But we have said from day one that it is going to take a period of time to bring the coalition thoroughly to the table to rebuild some of the morale and capacity of the Iraqi army. And to begin the focus of where we ought to be focusing first which is in Iraq. That is the current strategy."

Kurdish forces defending Kobane at the border with Turkey urged a US-led coalition to escalate air strikes on ISIL fighters.

Kerry said more than 60 partners have committed to joining the US effort to defeat ISIL, which has declared a "caliphate" in parts of Iraq and Syria it controls.

Besides, the member of the Russian foreign ministry announced today that establishing any form of a buffer zone in Northern Syria would require the approval of the UN Security Council.

Alexander Ukashevic said that, UN Security Council is the authority that must approve the establishment of such zones. Ukasehvic's statement is in reference to the French-backed Turkish request that a buffer zone and a no fly zone are established in northern Syria in order to protect the area that is being controlled by the moderate opposition. This buffer zone is to protect fleeing refugees.

In another development, US defence officials told that Turkey had agreed to let US and coalition forces use its bases, including Incirlik airbase, which is within 160km of the Syrian border, for operations against ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

US officials also confirmed that Turkey had agreed to train Syrian moderate forces on Turkish soil.

A Turkish government official told on Sunday that Turkey put the number at 4,000 opposition fighters and said they would be screened by Turkish intelligence.

The US administration had been pressing Turkey to play a larger role against ISIL, who have taken control of large expanses of Syria and Iraq, including territory on Turkey's border, and sent refugees fleeing into Turkey.


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