Unconventional history of saudi billionaire

Fri, 19.05.2017 16:36

Today the 89-year-old Saudi Suleiman Al-Raji is one of the richest inhabitants of the planet. However, the history of Al-Raji is unique and atypical for Saudi Arabia by the fact that he has made his whole treasures due to only on his own diligence, perseverance and dedication.

His future career as a founder of Al-Raji Bank began at a time when the Persian Gulf was not yet a favorable place for opening a new business. His labor path began when he was 9 years old - al-Raji worked as a porter on the market in Riyadh. At the age of 12 he collected money. Later he worked as a waiter, a kerosene seller.

And over time, he opened a grocery store. In 1970, his life came a turning point - he opened his own firm for currency exchange. The case went so well that over time he began to exchange currency operations in other Arab countries, including Egypt and Lebanon.

Already then the Saudovian decided to donate a large part of his fortune to charity and transferred the bank shares and other assets that he owned to the charity foundation he founded, which deals with education and the fight against hunger. During its existence, the fund has implemented charitable programs totaling $ 16 billion.

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Source: arab.com.ua

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