UN Secretary-General: With a solution of the Syrian crisis will terminate ISIS

Mon, 13.02.2017 09:54

In an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya’s sister channel Al-Hadath in Dubai on Monday, the UN Secretary General said a political solution to the Syrian crisis would lead to the end of ISIS.

Antonio Guterres said that the Syrian crisis was the hardest test of the United Nations' impact on the world and that he sees no end to the refugee crisis in the immediate future.

The secretary general said that the absence of a comprehensive political solution has allowed ISIS to thrive, but he expressed optimism at the Syrian opposition in Riyadh's formation of a delegation to attend peace negotiations.

Speaking on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Guterres said that the "only solution" is a two-state solution, also objecting to Israeli settlement building on Palestinian land - saying this was an obstacle to peace.

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Source: Al Arabiya

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