Ukrainians were promised to raise the minimum wage three times a year

Fri, 03.07.2020 14:59

In Ukraine, from September 1, 2020, the income of Ukrainians will begin to grow and by July 2021 is expected to increase two more.

This was announced by Minister of Social Policy Maryna Lazebna at a briefing, informs RBC-Ukraine.

Lazebna noted that the government had found the resources to raise the minimum wage in September this year.

According to the new schedule, the minimum wage will be increased in three stages:

-1 September 2020 - up to 5 thousand hryvnias.
-1 January 2021 - up to 6 thousand hryvnias (almost 20%)
-1 July 2021 - up to 6.5 thousand hryvnias.

According to the ministry, this decision was important because the increase in the minimum wage is:
-Increasing the standard of living, especially for low-income workers.
-Fighting poverty.
-Fighting income inequality in society.
-Detinization of "salaries in envelopes".

In addition, the increase in the minimum wage will provide additional income to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. According to preliminary estimates, by the end of 2020 these revenues may amount to about 1 billion hryvnias.

Source: Dilo

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