Ukrainian tourists found dead in Turkey

Wed, 24.06.2015 18:27

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ As reported by numerous Turkish sources, around 15:00 local time, the girl went to the balcony of the apartment in which she was vacationing with her parents and asked for food from the Russians, who lived next door. Angelica said very hungry.

 The child was not aware of what parents died. The girl told the neighbors that her mother and father were asleep for three days, and she is unable to Wake them. As it turned out, the child's parents died while sitting in a chair, where he spent the last three days.

 Arrived at the scene the police, neighbors said the child's father – a 38-year-old Vyacheslav Camilo and his wife, mother Angelica – 37-year-old Maya came to Alanya on may 8. They loved to relax in the cheerful company, drinking alcohol, and then were noisy all night. It happened that the couple quarrel, the husband beat her and didn't let up in the apartment.

 Turkish doctors took the body to the morgue, stating that the couple died as a result of strong alcoholic intoxication. The girl was taken by the relevant authorities, to continue to pass it on to the Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey.

 According to unconfirmed information private source "Ukraine in Arabic" in Turkey, the couple could not die from alcohol intoxication and poisoning "counterfeit" vodka with the content of methyl alcohol. However, to recognize that in the resorts of Turkey again sell methyl alcohol will be a big blow to the tourism industry of the country. Therefore, in Turkish sources such version exists.


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