Ukrainian theologians demand to return the subject of ethics to schools

Tue, 22.10.2013 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ Ukrainian society is concerned over abolishing of the ethics lesson in the schools by Ministry of Education. Education, being the foundation of the future should be based not only on the acquisition of knowledge, but also on moral values, MP Liliya Hrynevych said at the II Congress of Teachers.

She intends to raise the issue of the return of discipline in the schools at the parliamentary hearings. Presented at the event Rector of the National Pedagogical University Victor Andruschenko also noted the need for the religious and spiritual education of young people in schools. He said that spiritual values should be presented in a knowledge society.

"Ukrainian theologians believe that spirituality is one of the important things so it’s need to be present at schools as a part of Christian morality", the metropolitan of Ukrainian Orthodox Church said.

"Ukrainians are Orthodox nation and it is important for us to preserve their religion," - he stressed.

Taken part at the Congress the Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Akhmed Tamim raised the issue of the advisability of studying Christian ethics by Muslim children.

"Ukraine is a multinational and multi-confessional state. It has chosen the course of secular development, where, according to the Constitution, all citizens have equal rights. Thereby talking about the subject of ethics and Christian religious valueshow will it affect the children of other religions?

However, it is not only our problem, there is state responsibility required. The government should work with representatives of small nations, in order to protect the public from possible contention.

We, Muslims, wish to retain our religion within the context of a unified multi-ethnic Ukrainian society, "- he said.

Congress participants exchanged views on returning to school the subject of ethics and continued the work of plenary presentations.


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