Ukrainian tennis star Svitolina dreams of new titles

Mon, 25.11.2019 16:50

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina met with journalists to talk about her foundation, estimate the season and announce plans for the year 2020.

"It is important not only to see gifted children but also to help them fully reach their potential, support them on the road to future victories. This is the purpose of our foundation," Svitolina said at a meeting with media representatives.

Elina Svitolina has high hopes for the year 2020. She will update her team and set ambitious goals: "My team is expecting changes. We will add new specialists. We will announce all new appointments soon. As for Andrew Bettles, he remains my coach. I have big plans for the next season – winning a Grand Slam tournament and becoming the world's top tennis player. However, as this season has shown, the most important thing is health. This is a priority for me. When I'm healthy, I show good results."

Source: Ukrinform

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