Ukrainian symbols is prohibited in Crimea

Fri, 13.03.2015 16:44

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ March 12, Railroad district court of Simferopol was found guilty of one of the participants shares a birthday of Taras Shevchenko's Wildara Sakuragawa.

The guy has been accused of using during the event is prohibited symbols not specified in the notice convening the meeting. Crimean activist was holding the flag of Ukraine. This was reported by "the Crimean field mission".

Century Shumardii need to work 40 hours of community service. The court session lasted several hours. Journalists in the courtroom was not allowed. "To appeal the decision of the court, I will not. The judge, in fact, has appointed the most lenient sentence possible", - said Shumardii.

Share memory in Simferopol on 9 March was timed to the birthday of the Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko. During the Crimean law enforcement officers arrested three participants. They are accused of violating the rules of the rally - demonstration of the Ukrainian symbols, which was not identified in the application for the event.

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