Ukrainian singer Kristina Drobinka win the hearts of Pakistan's

Fri, 23.08.2019 07:18

In Pakistan specifically in the capital Islamabad hosted an International Conference of the Pakistan Tourism Summit 2019 to which Ukrainian singer Miss Kristina Drobinka was invited by co.organizer Mr. Mohammad Wasim Khokhar – President and Founder Bridging Trade International, Pak - Ukraine Trade, Culture and Education Centre Islamabad to perform the Urdu popular national song “Dil Dil Pakistan” on the Eve of the largest Tourism Summit in Pakistan.

It's a first Global Conference in Pakistan many other countries speakers,Top persons, diplomats and V.logers participated in the summit, also the important Minister's of Pakistan including Senior Minister of Tourism Mr Atif Khan KPk, Mr Fida Khan Minister of Tourism GB, Mr Fawad Chaudery Minister of Information, Mr.Sheryar Khan Afridi Minister of Interior and Chairman's of different Government organizations, of Pakistan the CEOs of multinational companies all Pakistani media TV channels and very huge number of audience 3000 peoples present on the performance of Miss Kristina Drobinka at the Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad, Pakistan.
She is the first Ukrainian singer in the history of Pakistan and Ukrainian relations who performed Urdu song Dil Dil Pakistan and win the heart of Pakistan's. Kristina Drobinka is the first Ukrainian singer in the history of Pakistan, who performed Urdu song “Dil Dil Pakistan” and win the heart of Pakistan's, at the first of International Tourism Summit in Pakistan after this wonderful performance she is the Culture Ambassador of Pakistan in Ukraine, She open the doors of cultural activities between Pakistan and Ukraine. After her wonderful performance of Urdu songs her videos became Top in the Pakistan's mass media and people of Pakistan highly appreciated her performance and are looking forward to see again her new performance in Pakistan.
This news hit all the top Pakistani media outlets, the press, the mass media, the day after performance she was invited to an interview on one of the famous TV channels Vision TV.
She also have honoured to have attended the Gala Dinner with the H.E Dr Arif Alvi President of Pakistan and the next day H.E Mr. Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan invited her and other international participants at Prime Minister secretariat and highly appreciated her performance.

Source: Ukraine by Arabic

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