Ukrainian parliament speaker raised question of providing lethal weapons in US

Wed, 14.06.2017 11:11

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, Andriy Parubiy, who is currently on an official visit to the United States, says he has raised the questions of providing lethal weapons to Ukraine and of toughening sanctions against Russia in the Pentagon, according to the Rada's press service.

"It [arming Ukraine] has not been removed from the agenda, this issue is being discussed. If there was a negative decision before, this issue remains open today," he said.

He reassured that "there wasn't an answer in the negative, the discussion is still open." "Giving weapons is being discussed – this matters both technically and symbolically for stepping up cooperation between Ukraine and the United States," he said.

The White House earlier published a federal budget blueprint for the United States in 2018, which foresees not only financial aid to Ukraine, but also the possibility of supplying lethal weapons.

Source: UNIAN

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