Ukrainian Muslims gathered in Kiev mosque "Ar-Rahma"

Fri, 17.07.2015 18:50

Kiev/ Ukaine in Arabic/ July 17, Muslims around the world celebrate one of the biggest Islamic holidays - the feast of Fitr Eid al-Fitr (Uraza Bayram). B mosque Ar-Rahma on holiday were more than three thousand Muslims.

The mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Ahmed Tamim congratulated all Muslims on the end of fasting of the Holy month of Ramadan.

During the festive sermon, Mufti said that the solidarity and friendship between the representatives of the Plurinational Muslim society in Ukraine is an example for many and encouraged to continue to work together for the development of good relationships. He also urged them to continue to do good deeds with the same zeal and diligence, as during lent.

Sheikh Akhmed Tamim said that he who does something without religious knowledge can hurt, so you need to gain more knowledge to use.

After the sermon, the representatives of the diasporas nazenin exchanged greetings with the diplomatic corps and members, after which all the guests went to the charity fair organized by the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine. During the fair was also organized a concert with performances by ensembles and congratulations.


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