Ukrainian MFA asked EU, G7 states to send envoys to Russian court hearing in Hryb case

Tue, 07.11.2017 09:27

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin has called on the countries of the European Union and the G7 to send their representatives to the court hearing in the case of the Ukrainian teenager Pavlo Hryb, whom the FSB had abducted from Belarus and who is now being tried on trumped up “terrorism” charges.

"I urgently appealed to the EU and G7 countries to send their representatives to the court session in the case of Pavlo Hryb tomorrow. The world should see Russian pseudo-justice in action," Klimkin tweeted. "We demand that Russia allow Ukrainian doctors access to Pavlo Hryb. That person needs help, while they’ve been humiliating him, not caring about his health and life," the top Ukrainian diplomat added in a separate tweet.

As reported earlier, the Krasnodar regional court in Russia on Tuesday, November 7, will convene to decide on the further measure of restraint for the 19-year-old Ukrainian citizen Pavlo Hryb, abducted by Russian intelligence services in Belarus.

Source: UNIAN

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