Ukrainian media: Zelensky was “buried” at the official reception of the UAE

Thu, 05.12.2019 15:35

The Ukrainian media spread the news that the portrait of President Vladimir Zelensky was decorated in a "funeral style" at the official reception of the UAE.

The first global “message” on Facebook was made by journalist Vladimir Gorkovenko.

On Monday, December 2, at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in Kiev, the official reception of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates took place. A special decor was prepared for the event in the hotel premises - a portrait of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was exhibited in the corner. But the photograph was placed in a black frame, and near the portrait of the Head of State they placed a basket with flowers.

Some opposition journalists and bloggers clipped only a portrait of the Ukrainian president in order to put diplomats in an unattractive light, trying to lead readers to the idea of ​​the intentions of such actions. At the same time, Muslims are prohibited from installing monuments on graves, leaving photos and flowers, and decorating leaders' photos with bouquets is considered normal practice.

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Source: Ukraine in arabic

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