Ukrainian households are expacting reducing prices on gas since 1 july

Mon, 27.05.2019 17:06

Naftogaz will reduce gas prices for industials consumers by almost 8% in June and for households since July.

CEO of National Joint-Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine Andriy Kobolyev says the company will cut the selling gas prices for households by 8% to UAH 5,803 (US$219) per 1,000 cubic meters (excluding VAT, as well as transportation and distribution costs) from July 1.

"Gas in the international market is getting cheaper again. Due to this, Naftogaz will reduce gas prices for industrial consumers by almost 8% in June. According to the government's decision, the price of Naftogaz for commercial consumers forms the gas price for households, which is to be valid next month. Therefore, in July, Naftogaz will be selling gas for households' needs at a price almost 8% cheaper, i.e. UAH 5,803 per 1,000 cubic meters (without VAT, as well as transportation and distribution costs)," he wrote on Facebook on May 27.

As was reported earlier, Naftogaz will cut the minimum prices of natural gas for industrial consumers by 7.9% from June 1, 2019, from UAH 7,558 ($286) per 1,000 cubic meters in May 2019 to UAH 6,963.6 ($263). All prices are VAT included.

Source: UNIAN

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