Ukrainian hotels and sanatoriums will be able to work from June 10 - the Ministry of Health

Fri, 05.06.2020 13:21

From June 10 in the regions of Ukraine, where there will be a positive epidemic situation, hotels and sanatoriums will be able to open.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko at a briefing on June 5.

He said that a meeting with the tourism business took place in Khmelnytsky region the day before.

"The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the introduction of adaptive quarantine provides: subject to meeting the criteria, from June 10 may be allowed to open accommodation, which means that in addition to hotels can be opened and sanatoriums and other places for recreation," said Lyashko.

He reminded that in Ukraine today open interregional transportation by road and rail is allowed, as well as resumed domestic flights in the country, but it is not possible to travel to tourist groups of more than 10 people. So in the near future, the authorities will consider allowing tourist groups of up to 50 people.

"The tourism business appealed to the president, it was discussed at a meeting, we will soon initiate consideration of this issue at a meeting of the Cabinet to allow the movement of groups of up to 50 people, as they mostly travel by bus and buses have up to 50 seats. We will be able to initiate another mitigation (quarantine - ed.) For the development of domestic tourism, "said the health doctor.

Source: Hromadske

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